Bald Hills

Bald Hills

Bald Hills House and Land Package, located 14 kilometres North of Brisbane, this property was built for a client in Western Australia. Located in the DeepWater Bend estate with access to all the major roads and rail network.


Doolandella Investment Property

Doolandella Investment Property, another example of purchasing and building relatively close to Brisbane in a suburb that is set to boom. This area is surrounded by new estates that are selling for around the $500K mark but are on 300 m2 of land.

Ridley Road Bridgeman Downs

Ridley Rd Bridgeman Downs.

Ridley Road Bridgeman Downs is a road in which there is a great deal of development going on. You could see that land was going to come under pressure and it was that factor that lead us to source 2 well priced blocks of land.

Victoria Point Infill Block

Victoria point Infill Block

Victoria Point Investment Property 12 Months ago we purchased a 400 m2 block of and in Jordana Ct, Victoria Point for $289,000.00.  I have just paid $449,000 for the exact same sized block of land less than a kilometer away. It’s a superior location but it shows the high increase in land values in such a short amount of time.

Victoria Point

Victoria Point Investment Property

Foreshore Estate Victoria Point is one of the best locations to build an investment property. The usual rule of distance to capital city is ignored here and replaced with distance to the water and then distance to the tip of the peninsular.

Salisbury Infill Block

Salisbury Infill Block

Salisbury Infill Block Investment Property was sourced for a client who wished to invest in real estate and wanted a property that would pay for itself and receive good capital growth.