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Brisbane buyers agent service

No one knows the Brisbane property market like we do!

Investate provides our customers with a very wide range of Brisbane Buyers Agent Services. From units and townhouses to established properties or brand new spec built investment properties, even dual income properties.

From education, to purchase, settlement to property management, we give you one consistent point of contact so your property ownership journey is as stress-free as possible.

We provide jargon-fee plain English property reporting in a manner that will make sense to0 you. If you can see what we can see in a property, then you are able to make a very sound, confident decision.

And we will be here for you after you own the property to act as your local property representative.

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  • Access the best Investment property opportunities
  • Off market property transactions. Access property before anyone else.
  • Licensed Finance Broker, Financial Planner and Estate Agency. Means I can provide a wide range of support and advise.
  • Expert negotiation skills, secure your next purchase at the lowest possible price
  • Purchase property that outperforms the market.
  • Invest in Brisbane with an expert at your side. Highly personalised service.
  • Save around 50% in fees when you work with Investate.

Brisbane Buyers Agent


Our Brisbane Buyers Agent Service covers every aspect of the property purchasing process. From matching your requirements to the right property. Managing third party independent reporting services, right up to the day of settlement.

We provide you with a complete Brisbane property purchasing process. 

All you need to do is view the properties we send to you, provide feedback which enables us to refine the property selection criteria and let us know the ones your interested in.

As we go we will educate you on the regions, suburbs and people so you learn through practical experience and when the time comes to purchase a property you will fell 100% in your decision.

Property Search

Units, established properties, new homes. We utilise our extensive local market knowledge to find your perfect property in the perfect location

Property Research

Research process identifies locations and properties that are at the right point of the property price cycle and on the way up

Property Reporting

Utilises a number additional and unique services provided by ourselves as well as external independent services to give you a second arms-length property report.

Property Advisors

It is very important that you know as much as you can about the region, the suburbs and the people. For that reason we provide as much education and resources in order for you to feel 100% confident.

Virtual Inspections

No matter where you are in Australia or the world, our 3D Virtual Property Tours bring the property to you.

Inspection & Reporting

Reporting services for clients who need a local contact to conduct an inspection of the property and provide reporting services.

Virtual Property Inspections

We bring the property to you, no matter where you are in Australia or the world!

As Brisbane Buyers Agents we provide full 3d Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections for any property we inspect on your behalf. This gives you the ability to inspect a property as though you were there yourself no matter where in Australia or the world you are or what type of device you are viewing it on.

Brisbane 3d Virtual Property Inspections are unique to Investate and a complimentary service to all our clients. 


with an expert at your side

Alistair Kelsall

Brisbane Buyers Agent

18 years of experience working in many sectors of the Brisbane Property Market, ranging from finance to financial planning and real estate investment. Has endeared me with a level of experience not found in many other Brisbane buyers agents.

You will also find I provide more services than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent and will work closely with you to achieve the best result.

With the ability to pick the next hot spot, you can be assured your property will outperform the market, regardless of current, market conditions.

Brisbane Property Tours

Don't Know Brisbane ?

As a part of our commitment to our customers we provide a complimentary Brisbane Property Tour for those that would like to invest in Queensland but are unsure of region. 

Spend half a day with Alistair Kelsall a Brisbane Buyers Agent with over 18 years experience in the Brisbane property market.

You will receive a personalised tour of the Brisbane Property Market and get to see first hand our real estate, the people and the infrastructure. 

Plus invaluable insights into some of our secret suburbs that are set to grow in value in the near future,

How We Work With You!

Establish Requirements

The first step is to get to know you, establish your needs, budget and future plans. Discuss property types and provide recommendations

Educate / Inform

Match all needs to suburbs, properties and demographics. Commence providing example available homes, inspect and report. This period will allow you to learn the areas, property types and demographics.


The first few properties will educate both you and I. With each property you will learn about the suburb, demographics, infrastructure and performance. Your feedback will assist me in narrowing down the selection criteria.


When the right property has been identified we will develop a purchase strategy based on what we believe it is worth, factors affecting the sale and market conditions.

3rd Party Inspections

Provide full range of services, including Building and Pest Inspections, Conveyancing and Property Management.

Brisbane Buyers Agents Fees

Fixed Fees Per Property, not percentage of property price. The best rates in the industry with more services than any other Buyers Agent.

Save up to 50%

When compared to compared to other Buyers Agents percentage of purchase price payment system.

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