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Looking to invest in a new property?

Please consider our low risk, high reward property investment model that gets results every time.

High Quality Homes

Our properties are produced to a very high standard and designed to appeal to a wide range of potential tenants and buyers when it comes time to sell. We work closely with one builder due to the quality of the workmanship and the after sales support.

Unique Locations

No Big Estates, we use our Buyers Agents to identify Infill blocks, Boutique Estates and small subdivisions within suburbs close to the Brisbane CBD. This means better capital growth and less competition in the rental market. 

Strong Returns

Our properties always experience fast capital growth and low vacancy rates due to their design and location. Being brand new homes situated within a suburb of Brisbane is the most surest way of ensuring strong returns for many years to come.

It all starts with the land

Most investment advisors will direct to purchase a property from a developer in an estate miles away from anywhere.

Investate through it's Brisbane Buyers Agent arm of the business source infill blocks which are generally a sub divided property in a suburb close to the CBD.

Our second option is to identify boutique estates in strong locations.

Matched to the Perfect Property

We then match a house to the land that blends in with the street and the suburb, designed to appeal to both a wide range of potential tenants and then when the time comes to sell, Buyers. All properties are full turn-key which means there is nothing more to pay.

All properties are covered by a 6 year onsite warranty.

The End Result

The end result is a property in a unique location as close to the CBD or water as possible. Since it's not in a big estate with all the others to compete against, it will grow in value fast and be rented out in no time at all to the perfect tenants.

We paid $289,000 for this block of land in October 2016, we have just paid $449,000 for the exact same sized block of land less than a kilometre away. 

These are the results we achieve every single time we create a home for a client. 

Investate End Result

The results from using this system rather than purchasing a home from a developer in an established estate are dramatic.

  • Firstly you are going to own a property within an established suburb closer to the CBD rather than a new estate far away from everything.
  • Secondly and most importantly, there are going to be far few newer homes to complete with on the market when it comes time to finding a tenant or when the time is right, a buyer. 

I have created homes for many clients using this system and it has proven itself every single time to be the most successful property investment system with low risk and high rewards. 

Selected Listings

We generally do not have any more than a couple of listings at a time. All property is sourced individually however if we have access to land we will package it with a suitable property and make it available to the public.