Brisbane, Queensland

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Brisbane Buyers Agents Fees

Brisbane Buyers Agents Fees, 1.5 percent of the property price. The best rates in the industry with more services than any other Buyers Agent. A discounted rate of 1% applies to those looking for a property to live in. We produce full 3d Virtual Tours of all the properties we inspect for you at no extra charge and connect you to some of the best property and finance professionals in Queensland. In my business, YOU come first.

Buyers Agent Services

Identify / Source / Negotiate / Purchase Property
1.5% of the purchase price
  • Source Property
  • Purchase Strategy
  • Virtual Property Tour
  • Purchase Strategy

Negotiation Services

Local Property Inspection, Reporting & Valuation
$1400 Per Property
  • Conduct Inspections
  • Property Valuation
  • Purchase Strategy
  • Conduct Negotiations


Inspection / Reporting / Virtual Tour / Bid Strategy
$ 1200
Per Auction
  • Property Report
  • Property Valuation
  • Purchase Strategy
  • Attend Auction Bid

Property Inspection

Inspection Virtual Tour / Property Report ? Valuation
$ 550 Per Property
  • Physical Inspection
  • Property Report
  • Create 3D Virtual Tour
  • Property Valuation

Engagement Fee

An engagement fee of $1000 ex gst is applicable to all Buyers Agents Services.<
Engagement fees are deducted from the final service fee and are not additional. Final Brisbane Buyers Agents Fees are payable on settlement of property.

What's Next ?

In order to establish the type of property that will meet your requirements, we need you to complete our Property Selection Form. From the information you provide we can quickly formulate a strategy to identify suburbs and properties that will find the perfect property for you. 

Part of this process is education for both is us. You will learn the Brisbane Property Market and we will learn about the type of property you require. Everyone has their own special requirements and we will identify them and refine the property selection process as we go.

This is not a rushed service, there are no limits to the amount of properties we inspect and report upon nor is there a time limit.