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How We Work With You

How We Work With You

Getting to Know You

How We Work with You as Brisbane Buyers Agents, processes and systems based on methods employed by Financial Planners and developed for Property Investing, to identify, assess and reduce the risks associated with any form of investment.

We follow the principles developed by financial planners in order to ascertain the type of investment that is most suitable to you. The process involves getting to know you, establish your needs, budget and future plans.

Following this process which is conducted during an initial phone interview and followed on during the next few weeks, will enable you to learn about our city of Brisbane, the suburbs, the people who will be your tenants and the real estate market. 

How we work with you

Identify Properties & Suburbs

On the completion of step one, we will have a clear understanding of the type of property that you are looking for.Step 2 is the part of the property search process where we send you matching properties that meet your criteria along with a full explanation of the reasons why it has been selected.

During this process, it is important to provide your feedback which will then assist me in narrowing down the search. One rule I have is that if you like the property, others will too and that is a big factor when it comes to finding tenants or when the times comes to sell.

Virtual property inspections

Inspect & Report

One of the biggest concerns people have when purchasing a property in a remote location is seeing the property for themselves. 

We have invested in technology that creates a fully immersive 3D Virtual Tour. Viewable on any device from anywhere in the work it is simply the best way to inspect a property when you're not here. Don't put up with videos from a phone when you take a virtual walk through a property as though you were there.

How we work with you

Purchase Strategy

Once a suitable property has been identified we will formulate a purchase strategy and implement.

This process involves establishing the value of the property, the seller's motivation and the return on investment.

Once we all agree we will implement the strategy which will be a 4 step process:

  • Submit Offer
  • Receive Counter Offer
  • Submit Our Counter Offer
  • Counter Offer Accepted

We have developed this process over the past 8 years and it is highly successful. It is designed to purchase a property at the best price possible and can save you thousands of dollars.

How we work with you

Independant Reporting

The integrity of the property is paramount as well as independent reporting.

During the first 7 days, I will arrange on your behalf an independent building and pest inspection. The people I recommend are the best in the business and will provide you with a full report as to the properties condition.

How we work with you

Full Range Brisbane Property Services

There is nothing you have to do yourself.

I work alongside the industries best professionals who will ensure every part of the property purchase process is taken care of.

Services include Building and Pest Inspections, Conveyancing, Property Management and any ongoing maintenance or property improvements.

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