Doolandella Suburb Profile

Doolandella suburb profile, Doolandella has long been one of our favorite locations in Brisbane due to it's relatively cheap land prices
Doolandella suburb profile

Doolandella suburb profile, Doolandella has long been one of our favorite locations in Brisbane due to it’s relatively cheap land prices, distance to Brisbane and the higher median house prices of adjoining suburbs like Oxley.

Located just 14 kilometres South of Brisbane it is one of the few locations where you can buy a good sized property this close to Brisbane for under $500K.

The neighboring suburb of Oxley has a median house price of $570,000 for a 4 bedroom house where as the median house price for the same property in Doolandella is $511,000. But what is going to really drive this market is the new estates coming online right now with much smaller land sizes.

There is only one pocket of Doolandella that we purchase in. There are a number of newer estates located on the Northern side of Blunder Road that contain many newer housing estates that are less than 10 years old. Properties here are typically 4 bedroom 2 bathroom brick and tile homes on block sizes averaging 500 m2. The Southern side of Blunder road contains many older homes that at this stage we do not purchase. This side of the road contains cheaper older homes which at this stage we can purchase the same type of property in the suburb of Durack, slightly closer to Brisbane.


Why Invest in Doolandella

This area is going to be in high demand in the next 5 years. It’s a suburb where you can still purchase a very big home relatively close to the city for under $500,000 and receive strong returns.

It’s not about how it looks now, it’s all about how it will look in the future and this is one of the few suburbs that is affordable with good sized blocks of land.

Factors that will Affect the Growth

There are 4 major new estates either selling now or under construction. These new estates are being based on smaller lot sizes of around 300 m2 of land at a higher price than you can pay for larger blocks of land only 500 meters away from one estate.

Remember it’s the land that is the highest value part of a property. 

Not Every Part of Doolandella is right for investment. There is a little pocket of newer homes that were built by Ausbuild less than 10 years ago. These are the homes we want for clients with a budget under $500k.  Those with a lower budget of around $400K go onto a completely different startegy that will also benefit from the new estates.

As a real life example, there is a property for sale right now for $491,000 on 375m2 of land with an internal floor size of 170 m2. This sounds like a great buy but not 500 meters away you can purchase a bigger house that is relatively new on 500 m2 of land for the same, if not cheaper. See the 2 examples below, one is a new house being advertised and the lower house is one we just purchased.
[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.1.1″ custom_padding=”0px||0px|”][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.1.1″][et_pb_column type=”1_2″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_image src=”” _builder_version=”3.1.1″]
[/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_2″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.1.1″]The property to the right is on the market now for $491,000 on 350 m2 of land. These new homes don’t have any or very little back yards or room down the side of the house you can utilise. But this is the norm now in Brisbane and all new houseing estates are being built on these small blocks.
[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.1.1″][et_pb_column type=”1_2″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_image src=”” _builder_version=”3.1.1″]
[/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_2″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.1.1″]This house to the right is a property we just purchased for a client 500 meters from the brand new home on 477 m2 of land with a bigger internal floor size. The house is less than 10 years old and in perfect condition. It is now on a 2 year lease with tenants that treat the property as if it as there’s.

This home cost less then the new home in a inferior location with smaller land size.
[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.1.1″ custom_padding=”0px||0px|”][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.1.1″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.1.1″]If you understand real estate and how the value of land works, it makes logical sense that the land on the property we have purchased is going to receive a significant boost in value once the sales of the new properties goes through.

It is a logical conclusion, the properties we are purchasing are closer to the Brisbane CBD and on larger blocks of land. 

Doolandella is a suburb that is relatively close to the Brisbane CBD with a low price tag. There are very few suburbs left where you can buy a property on a good sized block of land this close to the city for under $500K.

Access to Brisbane is relatively simple with access to Ipswich Road, which then leads directoly into the city. The suburb is postioned well to access all parts of Brisbane and the South East Queensland Region with access to the Logan Motorway taking you to the Airport, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast with relative ease and speed.

This is a suburb that is going to increase in value over the next 5 years as land gets harder to source this close t0 Brisbane. New developments affecting this subrub are in Palara and Richlands where block sizes are getting down to 300 m2.
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Doolandella Factors to Consider


Land size is going to be critical in the future, all new estates in the near by suburbs are being build on 300 m2 and smaller blocks of land. Land in the Doolandella area are larger blocks on average around 500 m2.

Distance to the city is an important factor in measuring perfoqmce of a property. Doolandella remains one of the lowest price suburbs this close to Brisbane and will grow substantialy in the future as demand increases.

The neighboring suburb of Oxley has a median house price of $570,000 indictaing a good amount of growth potential for Doolandella.

The type of house we recommend in Doolandella is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom property on aproxomtely 500 m2 of land. This will give you a return in the high 4% range and should be cash flow positive.

Doolandella is a 5 year buy and hold investment strategy. As land sizes decrease and prices increase, a larger property over 400 m2 land size will appreciate well in this area.

Property should be less than 12 months old and of brick and tile construction.

Property should only be purchased on the northern side of Bluner Road. If pruchasing on the southern side of Bluner road then change suburbs to Durack for a location that is closer to the Brisbane CBD at a relatvely low price.

Purchase 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a suitable double lock up garage which will rent well and be in high deomand in the future.

Doolandella Surrounding Suburbs


Other suburbs to consider in this area are Durack where the location is slightly closer tp the Brisbane CBD however the quality of house is much older and lower. This is offset by the lower property prices.

Durack is a very good suburb for purchasing cheaper properties on large blocks of land for a low price.

Pallara is a newer suburb close to Doolandella, however all new land releases are on small blocks, less than 300 m2 and the suburb is not the easiest to drive too. It is accessed through back roads where as Doolandella has easy main road access.

Alternative Suburbs

Of the remaining local suburds in close proximity to Dollandella is Durack and this is really the only other option. It is closer to Brisbane with properties on good sized blocks of land with brick and tile home of around 40 years of age. This is a verygood option for those with a lower budget where we still want to be as close to Brisbane as possible.

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