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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Brisbane Buyers Agents Due Diligence process utilizes a number of additional, external specialized services to provide you with complete arms-length independent property services and reporting to ensure you get the best property.

Due diligence

Building and Pest Inspections

One of the most important and reliable reports is the Building & Pest Inspection. 

This is a completely independent arms-length service. Investate does not pay or receive any payment in any form when recommending and organising your Building & Pest Inspection. They work and report directly to you.

Due diligence

Virtual 360 Property Inspections

3d Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections are created when  we inspect on your behalf.

This gives you the ability to inspect a property as though you were there yourself no matter where in Australia or the world you are or what type of device you are viewing it on.

Brisbane 3d Virtual Property Inspections give you the ability to take control of a property inspection to view what ever part of the property you may wish to see in more detail.

Due diligence

Independant Property Valuation

In most cases your lender will conduct their own independent property valuation. 

However, if you have any doubts as to the value of the property, Investate will engage on your behalf an external valuation company to carry out a full valuation of the property.

Due diligence

Legal Services

For any property purchase in Queensland, you must have legal representation.

Investate will recommend one of the states best conveyances in Brisbane who will act on your behalf to ensure all your legal requirement are met and the contract is in order.

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