Brisbane Property Market Update December 2018

Brisbane Property Tours is a complimentary service provided by Investate and is available to any of our clients. If you don’t know the Brisbane property market then this is the best investment you can make. You will be given a personal guided tour of the Brisbane suburbs so you can see for yourself where they are, the types of properties in that area and the people that will be your tenants.

With 17 years experience working in the Brisbane Property Market there is not many suburbs that I as a Brisbane Buyers Agent do not know intimately. I can show you the suburbs predicted to become hot spots in the future and show you the reasons why.


The days start by picking you up and taking you into the city, from there we then drive out to the first of our target suburbs so you can see for yourself exactly how far out of Brisbane the location is. Once there we will show you the properties, the local infrastructure and the people. We repeat this process for all the suburbs we want to investigate that day giving you a complete picture of the area and the types of properties available to you. Inspections of properties you are interested in can also be arranged on the day.

This is part of our commitment to our clients to ensure they know as much as you can about the properties we are showing you and has been proven to accelerate the decision making process.


Combined with our Virtual Property Inspections we provide for all property inspections and you can make a very informed decision when it comes to choosing the right Brisbane Investment Property for you.


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