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If you’re a regular reader of our blog you will have seen the Most “Successful Property Investment System” article that describes purchasing property in an area of high demand.

Getting Started in Brisbane Property Investing

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Getting Started in Brisbane Property Investing can be an overwhelming experience if your not from here and don’t know the market. You have been reading all the books and doing the study and you have been checking for the latest properties.

Brisbane Property Tours

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Brisbane Property Tours is a complimentary service provided by Investate and is available to any of our clients. If you don’t know the Brisbane property market then this is the best investment you can make.

Strategies for Success

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Brisbane Buyers Agents Strategies for Success, not a bad house best street is an investment strategy employed by Investate as Brisbane Buyers Agents and this is another fine example of purchasing a property well below the median house price in a street and a suburb. This property is located in the exclusive suburb of the […]

Budget Investment Property

Budget investment property

Budget Investment Property in Brisbane Here’s what you can purchase for under $350,000 in Brisbane. Returns 5.3% Cash Flow Positive

Brisbane Investment Property on a Budget

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If your looking to purchase a Brisbane Investment Property on a Budget you don’t need a great deal of money. There are suburbs in Brisbane that are still relatively cheap when compared to other capital cities in Australia.