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Brisbane Buyers Agent

Brisbane Buyers Agent is service provide by Investate to assist members of the public wishing to purchase property in the South East of Queensland.

Alistair Kelsall is the local Buyers Agent who has over 16 years experience in the Brisbane and south East Queensland property market.

A Buyers agent is a real estate agent appointed to purchase property on your behalf. This involves ascertaining your requirements and budget. Once we have this information our team will begin to source suitable properties that match our unique 8 point selection criteria.

For more details click here to read about the tasks and services a buyers agent performs

Investate provides clients with varied servicing levels dependent on personal circumstance and needs in the property transaction process.

Our fixed fee service so you know the exact amount up front and their are no hidden fees or charges. We should be the best priced service in Australia.

We are very thorough in our property research having many years of experience helping people find the right property for them.

Here is a list of the complete range of services we provide:

  1. Suburb profile report
  2. Individual property profile report
  3. Property Inspections
  4. Comprehensive feedback
  5. Our own images, not provided by the listing agency
  6. Financial Services
  7. Auction bidding
  8. Negotiation on sale
  9. Building and Pest reports/Strata reports
  10. Liaise with solicitors, builders, planners, valuers, tradesmen
  11. Conveyancing Services
  12. Property Management

This is why you need professional and experienced advice. We work for you, not the seller.

Our network of contacts means we often learn of properties before they are to be placed on the market known as ‘silent sales’.

Investate are highly skilled in  negotiating the right price for the right property and should save you thousands of dollars by securing the right property for you.

Once we have identified a number of options for you we will present each property with a comprehensive report to support our findings.

To get started you can call Alistair direct on his mobile 0405 131 333 or enter your property requirements to our online form to the right and he will contact you.

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We can help you find you the best property for the best price in the best location

Just enter your details into the property selection form and we wil do the rest