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Brisbane Buyers Agents Negotiation Services


Brisbane Buyers Agents Negotiation Services

I received a call from a client in regards to my Brisbane Buyers Agents Negotiation Services. They had set their hearts on a property but could not reach a satisfactory agreed price with the owners and the agent.


This is a very common case where the owners wanted $850,000 and the potential buyers only wanted to pay $815,000 and sometimes it takes someone like me to get in the middle and work with everyone to achieve the desired outcome.

I valued the property in the current market conservatively at $835,000. At a meeting with the clients I discussed the valuation of the property and their offer of $805,000 was probably being seen as an insult buy the owners. In this business, you must understand the motivations and emotions of all parties involved.

Out Come

We set a target purchase price of $825,000 which was a very good price for the property. I then set up a meeting with the agent who was under instructions to ignore my buyers and proceed with open homes to secure another offer.

This is where a good relationship with the agent comes in, I knew the owners of the business from my Home Loan days and this gave us some common ground to sit down and find out more about the owners. Turns out they had purchased elsewhere and needed to sell, motivated.

I implemented my 3 stage negotiation system, our initial offer was increased to $815,000 which if the seller and agent are serious, will result in a counter-offer below the $850,000.

The counter-offer came back and $835,000 and we immediately responded with our final offer of $825,000 which was accepted.

It’s s simple matter of learning the underlying motives of the seller and working with the agent to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved.


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