Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services

Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services

Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services for interstate or overseas clients who may have found a property and just need some local help. When your remote to Brisbane, buying a property can be hard and that’s why we offer the PROPERTY REPORT AND VALUATION service to clients who may have found their own property but need it inspected. In the case and overseas client had sourced a property in Moorooka which has some very nice properties and this is definitely one of the best. This property was fully renovated to a very high standard and I was required to value the property in regards to the potential purchase.

The owners of this home were seeking a very high price for this home but after researching the property and the suburb it was shown to be overpriced and the owners were seeking a premium for the area. We recommended purchase price that was $50,000 below the asking price and was a more accurate value for the house. However you must always take into consideration the market demand and the amount someone is willing to pay to secure the property and that is where we work together to achieve a successful purchase.

If you really wanted this property and were prepared to pay the extra asking price over the recommended price then that is the value of the property. If you were buying this home to live in then paying that amount would be fine but as an investment it is not and that it where our Property Report Service can save you a great deal of money.

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