Successful Property Investing System Case Study

Successful property investing system case study

Successful Property Investing System Case Study covers how we source land, design a home to suit and complete the project with low risk and strong returns. The following is an actual property that we sourced, built and rented out and monitor. It is typical of the type of brand new investment properties we create for our customers. 

Victoria Point Property Alert

Victoria point property alert

Victoria Point Property Alert Victoria Point has been the focus of some of our most recent and highly successful Brisbane Investment Property builds. The formula to the success is : Only Build on the Peninsular Portion of Victoria Point Build as close to the water as possible. Build High Quality Home The Reasons The reason […]

Instant Equity Fact or Fiction

Instant equity fact or fiction

Instant Equity Fact or Fiction when building a new home, the answer is fact, yes you can achieve instant equity in a brand new investment property

Instant Equity

Instant equity

Instant equity client’s Land Value Increased by over $80K in one year. It was a house and land package where I sourced the land and in conjunction with my builder, designed a property that would match the street and the suburb. 

Victoria Point Suburb Profile

Victoria point suburb profile

Victoria Point Suburb Profile. Victoria Point is a suburb located around 30 kilometers South East of the Brisbane CBD. It’s about a 30-minute drive into Brisbane with a number of routes to follow. The area is in the Redland Region of Queensland. Victoria Point has a population of 15,020 people and 25.86% of its occupants live in rental accommodation