Investate helps accountants, mortgage brokers and financial advisors increase their income by adding a high-value property investment revenue stream to their business

As a trusted advisor you are often called upon to provide your clients with real estate investment advice or you have had to refer these clients on to a property investment advisor who may simply sell them an investment property in a large estate provided by a developer they work with. 

This is where the issue of “What is in the Best Interest of the Client” comes to play. If you are referring your client to another advisor, then that advisor must be seen as an extension of you and your business and must provide an investment solution that is going to perform.

Here at Investate, we do things very differently. We provide a unique property investment solution to your clients utilising infill blocks and small boutique estates located as close to the Brisbane CBD as budget allows. The result of providing this type of investment property solution to your clients is a property that performs and continues to perform regardless of the current market conditions and without the worry of more properties in the same estate coming on to the market or competing with your clients property when it comes time to rent it out or sell it at the appropriate time. 

Our advisors hold formal qualifications in property finance, financial planning and real estate, we are not just anyone, we are highly trained in our areas of expertise and we have a track record in providing a property that performs. 

The end result of you referring a client to us is that they will receive the Best Advice, The Best Property and the best long term financial benefits. And you the strategic partner will receive a generous referral fee for your services.

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