Brisbane Property Developers Club

Brisbane Buyers Agents & Investment Property Advisors, leverage off our expertise, in-house property research, extensive professional network & 18 Years experience to secure the very best Brisbane Property.

  • Access the best Brisbane Investment property opportunities
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Brisbane Property Developers Club

The Brisbane Property Developers club is for people who are seeking to develop real estate without having the relative knowledge and experience required for this type of project work.

Brisbane Property Development Club
Brisbane Property Development Site Work

Work With Professionals

Club members work closely with some of Brisbane’s Best Property Development professionals to deliver a profitable low-risk property development solution.

Brisbane Development Opportunities


When you join the club you are given access to development opportunities in the Brisbane region that have been identified through our Brisbane Buyers Agent service.

Understanding Your needs

When you first join the club you will be contacted by one of our Qualified Investment Advisors who will conduct a Needs Analysis to determine your current situation.

We follow standard financial planning “Know Your Client” procedures.

Brisbane Buyers Agent Conveyancing Service
Matching You to a Development

Matching You to a Development

With finance and budget’s now all predetermined we send your requirements to our Brisbane Buyers Agents. Our Buyers Agents will then match your personal needs to one of our pre-identified or coming up development options.

Development options range from simple splitter blocks to small to medium boutique estates.

The Development

Once we have identified and secured the development opportunity we then introduce you to our town planner ASI Planning.

The Town Planner is responsible for obtaining the relevant approvals and council requirements are met whenever a property is being developed.

Brisbane Property Development Club
Brisbane Property Development Site Work

Site Works

The site works and any construction requirements are carried out by our trusted builder who we have been working with for many years. 

Exit Strategy

Every development or investment of any type needs an exit strategy and for this part, we have a strategy in place that reduces your cost per sale to maximise the returns and speeds up the entire process.

Once the newly configured lots have been identified.  We will design and package suitable homes to be built on your new blocks of land. Something we have been doing for many years.

We then take these properties and market them to our existing database of clients looking to invest in new homes.


Investate has a very big database of clients seeking to purchase homes through our “Most Successful Property Investing System” group.

The homes we design and build are then marketed to our own clients who’s finance has been pre-approved and their requirements match the properties we have created.

This means we can start marketing the development to our clients well before the development has been completed and in many cases, before the development has even commenced giving you pre-sales.


When ever Investate works with a client through any part of our business, it must be for the benefit of the client, no matter what. 

In the case of you working with us is that you get access to development opportunities through our vast network of professional agents.

You get access to some of the industries best professional services who are there to act in your best interest, not ours.

You get access to our database of people looking to purchase an investment property in Brisbane well before you could normally advertise a property for sale. 

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