Lot 1, 59 Kingstown Avenue Boondall Qld

Lot 1, 59 kingstown avenue, boondall qld

Boondall is an attractive, well-established suburb. Close to the Boondall railway station is the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, where many live entertainment shows are held. Boondall has two railway stations, bus routes, and easy access to major arterial roads. Boondall has a shopping village, local schools, parks, and conservation areas. 17 Klms to the Brisbane CBD

Zillmere House and Land Package

Zillmere house and land package

Zillmere House and Land package, take advantage of the Government’s $25,000 Home Builder Grant and Invest in a unique house and land package in the suburb of Zillmere. This is not a housing estate, this is a splitter block and located close to the rail network. It is a very good location close to the […]

Victoria Point Bayside Estate House Land Package

Victoria point bayside estate house land package

Victoria Point Bayside Estate House Land Package Point in Queensland is one of those areas where there is a high number of new estates being built to taking advantage of the vacant land and cater for the many people in Brisbane who are choosing to live as close to the water as possible and be […]

Bald Hills

Bad hills

Bald Hills House and Land Package, located 14 kilometers north of Brisbane, this property was built for a client in Western Australia. Located in the DeepWater Bend estate with access to all the major roads and rail networks. The land was relatively cheap, under $300K yet just across the road in the next suburb of […]

Bridgeman Downs

Bridgeman downs construction

Bridgeman Downs, this property was created by sourcing a very cheap block of land in a very good suburb and then designing a house to suit.

Salisbury Infill Block

Salisbury infill block

Salisbury Infill Block Investment Property was sourced for a client who wished to invest in real estate and wanted a property that would pay for itself and receive good capital growth. An infill block was sourced for $300k and a suitable house was designed to fit the block and match the street. That same block […]

Victoria Point

Victoria point investment property

Victoria Point is one of the best locations to build an investment property. The usual rule of distance to the capital city is ignored here and replaced with distance to the water and then the distance to the tip of the peninsular. To reduce the risk of any investment we look for areas that are […]

Ridley Road Bridgeman Downs

Ridley rd bridgeman downs

Ridley Road Bridgeman Downs is a road in which there is a great deal of development going on. You could see that land was going to come under pressure and it was that factor that led us to source 2 well-priced blocks of land. The land cost here was $280,000 and is now valued at […]

Fast Capital Growth

Fast capital growth

Fast Capital Growth can be achieved in the Brisbane property market with the assistance of a good Buyers Agent. A young man was referred to us who wished to invest in real estate. He had never owned his own home let alone an investment property. Our first role was to provide a full level of […]

Bridgeman Downs House and Land Package

Bridgeman downs house and land package

This is a Bridgeman Downs House Land Package that was sourced for one of our existing clients. He has recently been sold an Investment property in Ipswich that was not performing. The purpose of this investment strategy was to balance the portfolio with a property designed to receive a good rental return that would cover […]