Victoria Point Investment Property

Victoria Point

Victoria Point is one of the best locations to build an investment property. The usual rule of distance to the capital city is ignored here and replaced with distance to the water and then the distance to the tip of the peninsular.

To reduce the risk of any investment we look for areas that are going to see increased demand, not areas that are experiencing that demand now.  Any area that is popular right now is going to be at the top region of the price cycle reducing the growth potential for the next 5 years.

Buying at the lower end of the property price cycle in an area where we can accurately predict increased demand is going to ensure you get good capital growth in the very near future.

There is one very significant factor here that will create pressure on the local housing market and that is the landscape. A peninsular has a natural limitation on the amount of land available and that is what we have here. The map below shows 2 location markers. The left one is a property we built for a client 12 months ago and experienced a very rapid rise in value. The land cost $289,000 a year ago but to secure the same sized block in this area will now cost $449,000 and it will not stop there.

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