Fast Capital Growth

Fast Capital Growth

Fast Capital Growth can be achieved in the Brisbane property market with the assistance of a good Buyers Agent.

A young man was referred to us who wished to invest in real estate. He had never owned his own home let alone an investment property. Our first role was to provide a full level of education to the young man so that he had a full understanding of what investing in the property involved as well as the benefits and the negatives a property can bring to him. In his case, he was earning good money and needed tax reduction.

In his case, we were able to find a block of land in the suburb of Carseldine which is around 13 kilometers north of the Brisbane CBD. A house was then designed to suit the land and the location, a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom property of 204 m2, a very good sized home that met the needs of his budget, the median household values in the area and the rental return we needed to achieve.

The land was purchased for $265,000 and we were delayed by the council in commencing the construction. The client wished to seek another block of land in the area of which our best efforts only resulted in the same sized land at $350,000. The client decided to sit on the land he had only paid $265,000 for.

This is where our selection criteria comes into its own, by sourcing land a very good prices we can make people a lot of money in a short amount of time.

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