Edens Landing

Edens Landing

Edens Landing is the suburb to purchase your investment property in when you’re on a budget. It is one of ONLY 2 SUBURBS you can safely purchase in the Logan region. This is the true value of a good Brisbane Buyers Agent, many people looking to invest in Brisbane who are on a budget and might not know the suburbs, see Logan as a good area to invest in. But it is not.

I won’t go into why unless you’re a customer of mine but if are on a budget then Edens Landing and Bethania are the only 2 suburbs you should purchase a Brisbane Investment Property in. These 2 suburbs have significantly different demographics than the other suburbs in the Logan Region.

The next factor is to only purchase a brick and tile home and land over 800 m2 which you will secure for under $400K and it will be cash flow positive.

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