Durack Future Development Property

Durack Future Development Property

Durack Future Development Property with a seperate living area, dual key, this property was purchased for a client in Western Australia and is one of the best properties in Durack.

This is a 4 Bedroom Brick and tile property on 1457 m2 of land that can be easily subdivided. But there is more to this home than meets the eye, the back section of the house is a seperate living area with its own seperate entry, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom dramatically increasing not only the rental return of the property but its future value as well. It has been rented to the same tenants for well over 3 years now.

It can be split into 2 lots with ease and without any modifications to the existing dwelling. It is possible to create 3 lots.

This property was purchased for $520,000 and returns over 6%. Cash Flow Positive.

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