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Connect with our team, at Investate weather it is our through our Brisbane Buyers Agents or Investment Property Advisory service, we feel it is paramount that you have independent third party professional services who will provide their own independent advice and ensure your needs are taken care of and everything we do is in Your Best Interest.

Buyers Agent Investment Advisors

Alistair Kelsall

Alistair is here to assist you with any of your Brisbane Property needs. He has 18 years experience working in the Brisbane property market in a wide range of disciplines. 


Lauren Black

Lauren works for Plasaris Lawyers and handles all the conveyancing requirements of our clients. She is one of the best solicitors we have known and entrust her will all our clients.

Building inspector

Graham Gleeson

Graham is one of the best property inspectors in Queensland. He is independant of Investate but you won’t find a better person to ensure the quality of the property you are purchasing.


Mike Buchecker

Mike is here to assist you with any type of finance requirement you may have.
He is one of the best brokers in Australia of which he has been professionally recognised for.


We work with some of the best professionals in the industry who are here to assist you in all areas of the property purchasing process. 

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