Getting Started

Getting Started in Investing in the Brisbane Property Market is easy. The first step is to simply contact us by either Phone, Skype or via the property selection form. The form is designed to identify your requirements for an investment property in Brisbane, your budget, preferences and desired out come.

Once we receive the form we will analyse your requirements and contact you to discuss your needs further.
Investate has had to implement an engagement fee prior to the commencement of any Search and Buyers Agents Activites. The fee is duductable from any Buyers Agents Fees.

During the first couple of weeks we will provide you with information regarding suitable properties and suburbs that match your criteria. This is not a rushed service and is designed to ensure you understand the region, the properties and the people who will be your tenants.

What we need is your feedback, tell us what you like and don’t like about a particular property or area. We will either justify and explain it to you or modify our search criteria.

Brisbane Property Tours are available for all our clients and are invaluable if you do not know the Brisbane region.
Some of the areas we cover are listed below and will give you a good insight into the Brisbane Property Market.
Insights and tips into the Brisbane suburbs from a Buyers Agents point of view that are set to receive a rise in values in the very near future. The type of Brisbane property to invest in, what our Buyers Agents recommend and why.
Overview of the best Brisbane suburbs and property types that match your requirements and budget.
How to build a Brisbane portfolio and create a passive income with the help and guidance of a Brisbane Buyers Agent.


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