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Victoria Point Infill Block

Victoria Point Infill Block

Victoria Point Infill block is a very good example of the types of locations we look for and why. I our opinion we should be able to show you a property, block of land or lactation and explain why that particular option will perform well. Anyone can produce reports that will make just about any

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Victoria Point Investment Property

Victoria Point Investment Property Recommended

Victoria Point Investment Property in Queensland is one of those areas where there is a high number of new estates being built to taking advantage of the vacant land and cater for the many people in Brisbane who are choosing to live as close to the water as possible and be situated between Brisbane and

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Most Successful Investment Property

Most Successful Investment Property

The Most Successful Investment Property is a Brisbane Buyers Agent Custom Built Investment Property that gives you the opportunity to purchase a brand new investment property in a unique location in Brisbane. By sourcing land in a good location and then designing and building a very good quality home on the property, you can make

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Low Cost Investment Properties

Edens Landing

Edens Landing  is a specialised suburb but I have listed because of the potential. Located 30 kilometres South of Brisbane but only 42 Kilometre

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water front investment property Queensland

Instant Equity

How to get instant equity in a property, there is one most highly successful and guaranteed way to do it. Source cheap land in a good suburb and build a property

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greenway st grange

Greenway St Grange

This is a property I inspected on the weekend for no one in particular other than my own curiosity. I purchased number 4 about a year ago and it was good to be able to view another similar property.

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