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Brisbane Investment Property Advisors, there is a way to invest in real estate that will OUTPERFORM the market no matter what the current conditions.

Brisbane Investment Property Advisors

Brisbane Investment Property Advisors are highly experienced and qualified in a wide range of property related disciplines.

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From property finance to financial planning to property economics. Your advisors are highly experience in a wide range of both financial and property disciplines. Your Investate Advisors is here to both guide and educate you through the property process. 

Following a strict location and design selection system we can produce a property that will have a very low vacancy rate and a high return both in rental income and capital growth.

Your Usual Investment Options

If investing in a brand new property is right for you to do, you’re limited by your options. Most of the property you will be looking at is within large estates located miles from anywhere and the reports and statistics you get shown look fantastic. But there is probably a very high percentage of investment homes being built in the estate, all of which your new home has to compete with.

This leads to higher than normal vacancy rates, reduced rental returns and slower sales performance when it comes time to sell.


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Unique Locations

Instead of directing you to a property provided by a developer in an estate where there are many other investment properties being built.We utilise our Buyers Agents service to identify infill blocks and boutique estates in strong locations that will be in high demand when completed.The results are the same every time, fast capital growth, low vacancy rates and high returns. 

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Right Location

When we start looking for a suitable investment property for you it starts with the land and the location. The first rule of property investing is the distance to capital city and Investate’s Brisbane Buyers Agents are on the road throughout the Brisbane region identifying infill blocks, small subdivisions and boutique estates in suburbs close to the Brisbane CBD.

Right Property

Once the location and land have been identified we design a suitable home for the property, designed to blend in with the street and the other houses around it and priced under the median house price for the area.Our standard designs are based on a 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Double Lockup garage brick and tile home that blends in with the street and the suburb, designed to appeal to both a wide range of potential tenants and then when the time comes to sell, buyers.
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6 Year Warranty

All our homes come with a 6-year  warranty so you have complete peace of mind. If there are any issues, your property manager calls us and we are generally there the next day to correct any issues

The Right Floor Plan

Designed to Appeal

Our homes are designed to appeal to a wide range of tenants and buyers resulting in lower vacancy rates and fast sales when it comes time to exit.

Optimised Layout

Master Bedroom and separate living area away from the kids. Our properties are designed to attract tenants.

High Quality Fit-out

LED lighting, stone bench tops, ceiling fans in all rooms and aircon to main living areas.

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Unique Locations

A property built within and established suburb on an infill block or small boutique estate will out perform any property in a big estate.

Award Wining Builder

We work with one builder only who provides us with a very high-quality property designed to stand the test of time and wear.

6 Year Warranty

If something goes wrong, we will be there it fix it onsite under our 6 year home care warranty plan.

By following this layout rule you will create a property that appeals to a wide range of people who will want to both rent it from you and when the time is right , purchase the property from you. 

The End Result

The end result is a property in a unique location as close to the CBD or water as possible. Since it’s not in a big estate with all the others to compete against, it will grow in value fast and be rented out in no time at all to the perfect tenants.

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Real Life Actual Example

Follow a real-life example new investment property build. From choosing the location to identifying a suitable block of land to building the property and renting it out. 

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