Brisbane Dual Occupancy Properties For Sale

Brisbane Dual Occupancy Properties

Brisbane Dual Occupancy Properties

Brisbane Dual Occupancy Properties For Sale through Investate either our Brisbane Buyers Agent Service or our Investment Advisors service. Dual Occupancy Properties are a type of investment property that has been designed for Dual Living. This means the property has been designed in such a way that it has 2 separate living areas, each with its own entrance to the property and car accommodation.

These properties are referred to as Dual Living, Dual Occupancy or Dual Key.

The purpose of this type of investment property is to maximise the return on investment well above that of a single occupancy home. Each property has its own lease agreement and tenant. This then gives you 2 rental incomes from the one property, substantial increasing your return.

For example, a brand new 4 bedroom 2 bathroom investment property in the Logan Region cost you around $450,000 with a rental return of around $400 per week. Cost to finance interest only at 4.5% would be $389 per week.  Minus your property management costs and you will barely break even.

New Dual Occupancy Investment Property

A Brand New Dual Occupancy Investment Property in the same suburb will cost you $573,000. Your entry and holding costs are higher but the return is much higher too. Your rental return goes from $400 per week to $620 per week. Finance Cost 100% of purchase price interest only at 4.5% would be $496 per week. Thats $124 per week cash flow positive or a 5.6% return on investment.

That’s the difference a Dual Occupancy Home can bring to you.

You Can’t Just Build

You can’t just build a Dual Key Home anywhere, some councils will not allow 2 lease agreements on the one lot number. In Brisbane the Ipswich City Council will accept these types of lease agreements and the best suburbs t invest in for this type of home is the Logan reserve area. Your close to the main freeway which gives fast access to both the Gold Coast and the Brisbane CBD.

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