Brisbane Property Management

Brisbane Property Management Services for my clients are referred to Smartre Property Management. One of the best property management companies I have worked with. They work directly with both you and me meaning I can handle any minor issues that need to be attended to and can keep you fully informed in regards to your property and the tenants.

Low Vacancy Rates

Of all the property managers I have worked with over the years, Smartre has been the most successful property manager for my clients with many long term tenants in place in many of my properties for over 3 years. They may take a couple of weeks interviewing new potential clients for you but the results are outstanding and a ling term tenant who looks after your property as though it were their own is similar to having a good insurance policy on your home.



Any client I refer to Smartre will give you a discount for their services. They do not pay me, the Brisbane Buyers Agent any referral fees, instead, any fee for the referral is passed on to my customers.