Brisbane Buyers Agents Auction Services

How We Work with You as Brisbane Buyers Agents, processes and systems based on methods employed by Financial Planners and developed for Property Investing, to identify, assess and reduce the risks associated with any form of investment.

Auction Services Overview

Inspect Property

Conduct physical property inspection and create 3D Virtual Inspection. Asses potential competition from other buyers.

Property Reports

Prepare property reports covering suburb, property and condition report. Exterior pest inspection.

Value Property

Provide valuation of property utilising 3 independent methods. All parties agree on value and work towards bidding.

Inside Knowledge

Determine sellers motivation and any inside knowledge regarding reserve price, identify any offers presented.

Purchase Strategy

Determine maximum amount prepared to pay for property. Examine the possibility of purchasing prior to auction.

Attend Auction

Attend auction and either advise or bid on behalf of client. Clear maximum limits determined and adhered too.