We provide a full range Brisbane Property Purchasing Service service to our clients. A one stop shop service where all your needs are taken care of.

Brisbane buyers agents services overview

Follow Our Step By Step Process

Initial Consultation
In order to truely understand your needs and match you to the right property, we need to get two know you and we do this in a one on one phone or video consultation.
Commence Search
From initial consultation we will provide you with local Brisbane property market education, as well as examples of suitable  properties that meet your criteria. During this process you will gain an understanding of Brisbane, it's suburbs and properties and the people that will be your tenants. 
Identify Suitable Properties
When we identify a property that matches your criteria, we will notify by email, text or phone call. At this point please send us your feedback, it is very important. 
Property Presentation & Reporting
If we find the property to be of interest we will conduct a physical inspection and create a 360 Degree Virtual Tour so you can examine the property yourself in great detail. In addition to this we will provide provide a full property report and our valuation of the property.
Purchase Strategy
When a suitable property has been identified, we will then develop a purchase strategy with a target price established and at the process to achieve out lined.
Due Diligence
At this point we will provide a full range of services, including Building and Pest Inspections, Conveyancing and Property Management. The businesses that provide these specialised services are the best in the business and work directly for you. They are completely independent and arms length from us. They do not pay Investate any fees for the referral and in most cases will provide you with a discount.
Property Management
We have close relationships with the best and most reliable property managers throughout the Brisbane Region and will ensure your property is tenanted as soon as possible and for the highest rent achievable.
We are very proud of every single property we have ever purchased and will be here after you own your new home to act as your local representative. We wiil take care of any minor issues that can be managed at our level and conduct regular property updates in addition to the property managers,

Introducing your Brisbane Buyers Agent

Alistair Kelsall

Brisbane Buyers Agent

With over 18 years working in the Brisbane Property Market, I am able to provide a level of guidance and support covering every aspect of the property purchase process.

I provide a very personalised and unrushed service that is designed to go at your pace to ensure you know the Brisbane property market and can make a confident decision when we find the right property for you.  I provide additional services that are designed to provide you with more information about a property than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent will provide you. 

Alistair kelsall