Brisbane Buyers Agents Process

The Brisbane Buyers Agents Process we follow is a systematic approach to matching your requirements to a suitable property in Brisbane.

Who We Help

We help anyone from local people to interstate and overseas buyers who need help identifying a suitable property. We provide ongoing local market education to our customers so that they themselves can make an informed decision on the recommended properties being presented


Getting Started

The first step is to contact us, either by phone or email and tell us what you want to achieve. We will conduct and basic Needs Analysis, to begin with which outline what you are looking for and allow us to formulate a strategic investment plan for you.



Rather than searching the internet along with everyone else, we short cut the system by sending your requirements to the agents in the area we are searching in. We are looking for properties that are about to come on to the market but have not been listed publicly yet. These are called “Off Market Transactions” and can save you a great deal of money.



Our property reports will tell you what the property is worth as well as any background information we can find on what the vendors want. Knowing this can have a big effect on the presentation of the offer, it might be that few conditions or a fast settlement are more prominent than getting as much as they can.


Brisbane Property Inspections

For any property we inspect, you will receive and link to the Virtual Property Tour and see the home for yourself. The system is that good that you can use in the future to reference any part of the property.


Due Diligence

We organise and attend the Building and Pest Inspection. We have 3 preferred providers who are the best in the industry and will provide you with a detailed property report. If any issues are found on the day of the inspection, we will video the inspector detailing the issue. Our inspectors will also contact you directly to give you a verbal report on the property.



While all this has been going on our conveyancing people would have been in contact with you by now to ensure you are happy with the contract and aware of your obligations. They will also ensure that your finance is going smoothly and ensure that the other party is ready to settle on the day. The reason we use the people we do and include them in our team is that they are simply the best most professional service we have found.



Although we can’t do anything till the property settlement has occurred, we can ensure that everything is in place so there is as little downtime as possible. Our Property managers will take care of your investment like it was their own and work closely with us up here so we can handle any minor issues that come up.


Everything is taken care of

When you work with Investate, everything is taken care of for you. The people you will be working with are the best in the business and whilst each professional service will give you a discount, they are there because they are going to ensure you get the best advice and service.

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