Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections

Full 3D Virtual Tours of any property we inspect for our buyers. They are viewable on any device anywhere in the world. You can move from room to room and control the video in order to see any part of the property you wish too.

No matter where you are in Australia or the world, you can have confidence in the property you are purchasing!

As Brisbane Buyers Agents we provide full 3d Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections for any property we inspect on your behalf. This gives you the ability to inspect a property as though you were there yourself no matter where in Australia or the world you are or what type of device you are viewing it on.

Below is an actual Virtual Tour you can view. 

Brisbane 3d Virtual Property Inspections are unique to Investate and a complimentary service to all our clients who as Brisbane Buyers Agents strive to bring more of the property to you.

The concept behind the Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections is to allow our customers to be able to walk through a property as though they were there themselves. It is the best way we can bring a property to you in high detail. You have full control of the Virtual Inspection and can zoom in or pan around to any area of the property you wish to inspect further.

The tour is held on file permanently and can be used as reference material in the future. An example would be a recent problem with a neighbour claiming fence damage was caused by our property, yet when we showed them the Virtual Property Inspection, it was clearly evident the damage was created by their own Bamboo tree overgrowing into the fence. This saved our client a great deal of money.

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