Independant Property Inspection Report

Brisbane Buyers Agents Due Diligence process utilises a number additional and unique services provided by Investate as well as a number of external independent services.

The biggest concern you will have is the area we are purchasing in and we manage this by way of independent property and suburb profiles as well as our Brisbane Property Tour services. Nothing will give you more confidence than seeing the property for yourself and we provide a complimentary half day Brisbane Investment Property tour for all our clients.

The next biggest concern is seeing the property for yourself and to manage this process we provide you with very high quality virtual tours. These are a series of full 3D images taken of the property and placed together in a system that allows you to virtually walk through the property and move the camera to focus on anything you want. They are viewable on any device, from your mobile phone to a desk top computer and are provided for all properties we inspect.

We provide independent property reports and valuations on all shortlisted properties so you see the exact potential value of a property. From this report we will devise a purchase strategy and put it into effect.

Any property we agree to purchase is subject to independent property inspections provided by one of the best property inspection teams in Australia. You will get both a written report on the property detailing it’s condition and  any pest issues.

All legal representations are also managed by a completely independent third party to ensure everything we do is in your best interest.

We are not here to sell you just any home, it has to be something special and these independent services are there to ensure peace of mind for you.