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Alistair Kelsall Brisbane Buyers Agent & Investment Property Advisor has 18 Years working in many levels of the Brisbane Property Market which has given him a level of experience not found in many other buyers agents.

Alistair Kelsall Investment Property Advisor Buyers Agent

A Bit About Me

I have been working in the Brisbane Real Estate market for over 18 years now. 10 years of that time was spent assisting people with finance where my work required me to visit homes throughout the Brisbane and South East Queensland region, meet the people, learn the demographics, inspect the homes and value them.

Property is my passion and I knew investing in good real estate was the surest way to create wealth with the lowest level of risk. In order to understand financial processes behind property investing even further, I commenced studies into Financial Planning and Real Estate adopting the principles and practices to property investment.

Diversifying into the Brisbane Buyers Agent role gave me access to a wider range of properties, established properties, in-fill blocks, development properties, and small boutique estates which in conjunction with my builder, we create high-quality investment properties in prime locations close to the Brisbane CBD or Moreton Bay. This is a highly successful, low-risk investment option and I have created millions of dollars in wealth for my clients. I call it “The Most Successful Property Investing System”, there is a link to the full explanation at the bottom of this page. 

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One of my greatest skills is the ability to accurately identify suburbs in Brisbane that are going to go through a growth cycle in the near future. Where other Buyers Agents are purchasing properties in the popular suburbs where demand is high and the real estate is approaching the peak of the property price cycle. I am in the neighbouring suburb buying a similar property that is about to go through its price rise phase. This is where the true benefit of my experience and knowledge works in your favour, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase price of a similar property and placing you in a position where you stand to make a substantial amount of money through capital growth. 

I take a very conservative approach to any form of investment, I have developed a system that guarantees results every time it is implemented.


Why Use a Buyers Agent
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Investing in Brisbane Real Estate has a number of pitfalls for those that do not know the region. We have some very cheap suburbs that are going to stay cheap for a very long time. They may appear on the surface to be a good investment but 2 years later and the property has not achieved any capital growth and the tenants are behind in the rent. It’s my job to show you why and once you see it, you will understand. 

Once you have purchased a property in Brisbane I will continue to act on your behalf as your local property representative and will conduct regular checks on your property and take care of any day to day matters that need to be attended to

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Outside of Work

Outside of work Alistair is an avid sailor and volunteers his time running the South East Queensland Hobie Island Club. This is a club run in conjunction with Hobie, conducting monthly sailing adventures for our members.

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