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Hi, I’m Alistair Kelsall Brisbane Buyers Agent, take Advantage of my diverse 18 plus years experience working in the Brisbane property market to assist in securing the perfect Brisbane property.

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Alistair Kelsall

Alistair Kelsall Brisbane Buyers Agent with over 18 years of experience working in many sectors of the Brisbane Property Market, ranging from finance to financial planning and real estate investment. Has endeared me with a level of experience not found in many other Brisbane buyers agents.

You will also find I provide more services than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent and will work closely with you to achieve the best result.

With the ability to pick the next hot spot, you can be assured your property will outperform the market, regardless of current, market conditions.

  • Access the best Investment property opportunities
  • Off market property transactions. Access property before anyone else.
  • Licensed Finance Broker, Financial Planner and Estate Agency. Means I can provide a wide range of support and advise.
  • Expert negotiation skills, secure your next purchase at the lowest possible price
  • Purchase property that outperforms the market.
  • Invest in Brisbane with an expert at your side.
  • Save around 50% in fees when you work with me.

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Why You Need a Local Brisbane Buyers Agent

Investing in Brisbane Real Estate has a number of pitfalls for those that do not know the region. We have some very cheap suburbs that are going to stay cheap for a very long time. They may appear on the surface to be a good investment but 2 years later and the property has not achieved any capital growth and the tenants are behind in the rent. It’s my job to show you why and once you see it, you will understand. 

Buying Real Estate in Brisbane is very alluring right now.

While Sydney, Melbourne and Perth property values have fallen this year. The Brisbane housing market has recorded steady  growth. We have one of the best and most stable property markets in Australia. 

But just because a property or suburb might be cheap, that doesn't mean you're getting a bargain and set to gain thousands in capital growth.

Brisbane is a very tricky region to purchase property in. We have suburbs that are very cheap and have and will continue to stay that way many years in to the future. What looked like a good idea at the time has not grown in value over the last 2 year and the tenants are always late on their rent.  

Virtual 360 Degree Property Inspections

As Brisbane Buyers Agents we provide full 3d Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections for any property we inspect on your behalf. This gives you the ability to inspect a property as though you were there yourself no matter where in Australia or the world you are or what type of device you are viewing it on. 

Brisbane 3d Virtual Property Inspections are unique to Investate and a complimentary service to all our clients who as Brisbane Buyers Agents strive to bring more of the property to you. Learn More About Virtual Property Inspections

This is where the services of a highly experienced Brisbane Buyers Agent, like myself, can assist you. Consider it an insurance policy.

I can match your requirements and budget to the right suburb in Brisbane.I can show you suburbs that are on the way up the property price cycle, not at the very top where all the followers of the media and paying top dollar for the same home with little potential for capital growth in the next 10 years. 

Property Identification Skills

One of my greatest skills is the ability to accurately identify suburbs in Brisbane that are going to go through a growth cycle in the near future. Where other Buyers Agents are purchasing properties in the popular suburbs where demand is high and the real estate is approaching the peak of the property price cycle. I am in the neighbouring suburb buying a similar property that is about to go through its price rise phase. This is where the true benefit of my experience and knowledge works in your favour, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase price of a similar property and placing you in a position where you stand to make a substantial amount of money through capital growth. 
There is a method to my process which you can learn about by clicking here

How I work with you to achieve the best results.

It's very important to me that you are knowledgable in regards to the Brisbane Property Market, the suburbs and the demographics. So the first few weeks can be spent showing you properties, describing the suburbs and the people that will be your tenants.
Virtual Property Inspections

3D Virtual Property Tours Brings the property to you!

As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, the majority of my clients are either interstate or overseas. I was very concerned that showing them pictures, providing reports and giving my own explanation of a property over the phone just wasn't good enough. So I invested in some 3d camera equipment and started providing my clients with fully interactive virtual tours of the properties they were interested in.

Brisbane Property Market Tour

No matter how much information I give you or how many virtual property tours I conduct, nothing beats learning about the Brisbane Property market than seeing it for yourself. All my clients are entitled to a guided Brisbane Property tour with me. I ill drive you around, show you the suburbs, the people and the properties.
Virtual Property Inspections

Everything I say should make sense

Any real estate sales person can provide you with all the reports in the world that can make any property look good. Whilst I still provide a high level of reporting on properties being considered, I should be able to explain the reasons why I am recommending a property in plain english and what I say should make sense. Any advise I give will be honest, unbiased and in your best interest.

Simple Checks you can do yourself

You should always do your own research when considering investing in real estate. There a number of estates in the South East Queensland region where they are building so many new houses that they are exceeding demand. Yet developers still incentivise the property spruikers to sell them and people still buy them. A quick visit to to see how many houses are for sale and how many are for rent will soon give you a very clear indication of the current market environment.
The Best Brisbane Buyers Agents Rates

Brisbane Buyers Agents fees

I operate a fixed fee for service model which can save you around 50% in fees when compared to other Brisbane Buyers Agents. Nor do I charge any upfront fees which means it will cost you nothing to get started. There are no limits to the amount of properties we present and inspect and there are no time limits. 



Off Market Transaction

Off Market Transaction

This property was purchased well below market value thanks to one of my real estate agents who's seller needed to move it fast. This was one very lucky buyer! This is a good example of an Off the Market Transaction where the agent has contacted me with an urgent sale and I have had a customer to suit. I would honestly say the client paid at least $20,000 less for this property than if it had gone on to the open market

Fast Capital Growth

Fast Capital Growth

The land for this home was purchased for $265,000. We had knowledge that the land would take a year to settle however during this time the owner became impatient and requested alternative land in the same suburb of the same specs. We did at $350,000, it was the cheapest land we could get, needless to say he kept the original block of land and reaped the fast capital growth he made

Made $70,000 in 12 months

Made $70,000 in 12 months

Purchased for $580,000 now worth in excess of $650,000 in less than 12 months. Positioned between 2 far more expensive homes, this property gained a significant boost just by applying our 8 Point Section Criteria to the land and then designing and building a high-quality home.

Cash flow Positive

Position Position Position, that's what the client wanted and that's what the client got. Located in the suburb of Kedron, this land was part of a subdivision located just 5 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD. Investate purchased the land and built the home which was rented out less than 1 week after completion and is cash flow positive.

Ahead of Time - Dollendella

Ahead of Time - Dollendella

Over a year ago we identified Doolendella as a future Hot Spot in the Brisbane property market. We built 3 homes for clients there which have all now been completed. Just as they settled the media started to announce Doolendella as a good place to invest. It's all to late once the media get onto it, the secret to picking a hot spot is to pick it well before it becomes a hot spot. Otherwise, you're going to go into a heated market and pay top dollar for your property.

instant equity

This is an example of buying land at the right price in the right location and then building a good quality investment property that will yield instant equity. This property cost $500K but its neighbours are valued at 1.2 million and $900,000 which is then going to be reflected in the value of this new home. I would anticipate it go straight up to $625K when completed.

What people are saying about Alistair Kelsall Brisbane Buyers Agent

Brisbane Buyers Agents Testimonial Mitchel

Alistair treated our investment like it was his own. He understood our needs as overseas buyers, protected our interests and secured a beautiful property beyond our expectations. Even after the transaction was complete he is assisting us with everything required. Highly recommended with no second thoughts!

Kostas Dimitros

Dubia, UAE

Brisbane Buyers Agents Testimonial Stuart

Alistair was the perfect example of how a professional buyers agent should treat their clients. As this was my first investment property and as an interstate buyer, Alistair kept me up to date with everything that was happening and took care of all the little things to make sure that the purchase went off without a hitch.

Stuart Meighan

Sydney NSW

First Home Owners Buyers Agent Assist
Brisbane Buyers Agent Testimonial Eatons Hills
Investate Testimonial John

Once you have purchased a property in Brisbane I will continue to act on your behalf as your local property representative and will conduct regular checks on your property and take care of any day to day matters that need to be attended to

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