About Investate

Investate is at the forefront of property investment across Brisbane and the South East Queensland Region and are dedicated to providing customers with exceptional service, low fees and profitable investments for your future.

  • Access the best Brisbane Investment property opportunities
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About Investate

Investate is considered one of the top Property Investment organisations in Australia with professional and affordable services and an impeccable track record of results sourcing some of Brisbane’s best properties.

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Founded in 2012 to assist people investing in real estate in the Brisbane and South East Queensland Region. Offering both New Build and Established Property

Over the years the team have bought, sold, advised, invested in, negotiated for, developed, built or project managed property transactions for many happy clients.

There are two parts to our business, Buyers Agents Brisbane who act as buyers agents for people wishing to invest in established property, who also identify and source our land for the main part of the business Investate which is solely focused on providing clients with a unique spec built investment property.  Brisbane Property Advisors ensures our clients are educated prior to purchasing and is responsible for building individual brand new investment properties. 

From education, to purchase, settlement to property management, we give you one consistent point of contact so your property ownership journey is as stress-free as possible. We present our research in jargon-free, easy to understand reports. Our reports give you the confidence needed to make a well-informed decision.

We do not and will not sell any property that we feel has a level of high risk associated with it. We operate with 2 Golden rules of property investing:

  • Distance to Capital City
  • Distance to Water

By adhering to these 2 rules we reduce the risk associated with any type of investment and maximise the returns.

Investate does not build homes in big estates where there will be competition for your home, we prefer smaller boutique estates, small subdivisions and infill blocks.

The Most Successful Property Investing System was developed by Alistair Kelsall the creator of Investate and since its implementation we have never had a property lose any value from the day it was built, in fact, the majority of our properties create instant equity and continue to rise in value throughout their lifetime.

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The Most Successful Property Investing System

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