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Lot 72 Deepwater Bend Estate, Bald Hills Queensland
Investment Opportunity Close to Brisbane with land below $300,000, it’s just unheard of these days and soon it will grow in value to the $400K mark. There just isn’t any land available this close to the city at under $300,000. After this it’s up to North Lakes and Mango Hill where there will be new
deepwater bend estate investment property

Deepwater Bend Estate

The Deepwater Bend estate is one month away from registering. We still have a couple of properties left in this location and whilst it might now be the greatest to look at on face value, where else are you going to get a big block of land with a big house on it 14 kilometres

Units sell for less

More than one in ten apartment sales nationally was sold for a loss over the March 2016 quarter. According to CoreLogic’s latest Pain and Gain Property Report, 12.4% of apartments resold at a loss over the first quarter of the year. In the capital cities, 9.4% of apartments resold at a loss whilst one in
dud property
Pimpama Ormeau Toowoomba and other so called Queensland Hot Spots make me mad when I hear of people investing in the areas because of the recommendation of a so called property expert. That expert probably has no qualifications for starters and is he driven by the need to see you succeed or for him or

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