Bridgeman Downs

Our clients came to us with a request for an investment property that would be cash flow positive and receive good capital growth. It had to be appealing to tenants and in a good location. Investate we able to source land in the Brisbane suburb of Bridgeman Downs, this is considered one the exclusive suburbs of Brisbane with an average house price in excess of $700,000.

Investate we able to source suitable land within an established older development. We also in conjunction with our builder created and built a suitable home for the land that would maximise the return of the property and be appealing to tenants.

The final cost of this product 2 years ago was $580,000. The median house hold price for the region is $750,000, by using our 8 Point Selection criteria we were able to supply a high quality property in a very good area for well under the average price. This means that the property price point is in line for immediate capital growth of which it achieve and would be very appealing to tenants.

The property was rented out within the first week for $580 per week and has never been vacant.

The house next door which is of similar size yet inferior finish is now on the market for $680,000.

Our clients goals were fully achieved with this property.