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Investment Property Advisors

Investate's role as investment property advisors is to firstly establish your goals then provide you with a number of solutions that will either meet or exceed those goals. Being trained in financial serves, financial planning and real estate means we know all bout matching your risk assessment profile to the right type of property.

Your initial consultation will take around 1 hour and can be conducted in the comfort of your home or one of our offices in either Brisbane or Perth.

Points that will be covered include:

  1. Establishing you goals including tax reduction and wealth creation
  2. Determining your current financial situation through a needs assessment profile
  3. Providing general advice about investing in real estate

Once the assessment is complete it will be reviewed and an investment plan created just for you, this will include; 3 property options and a future road map of when you can purchase again.


An integral part of our service is providing investment property education to anyone wishing to learn the methods used to start investing in real estate.

We provide an initial one hour consultation where we will go through all the steps involved in purchasing an investment property as well as outlining the financial benefits associated with real estate.

Our advisers are all experienced investors themselves so they can provide you with first hand knowledge of their experiences, successes and failures.


Our care to our customers goes on forever, once you have decided on the property you wish to purchase we act as your representatives on an ongoing basis. There are no additional charges for this service, we consider it apart of our care policy.