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Brisbane Property Hot Spots

Some of Brisbane's best, secret and undocumented hot spots close to the CBD.

Bald Hills

Located 18 kilometres North of Brisbane, Bald hills is an area that is very under valued for being this close to the CBD. With land being scare this side of the Pine River properties here are still well under the Brisbane Median house price. This suburb is now on the increase since the tim of publication. Next area to target becomes Strathpine.


Located 20 kilometres North of Brisbane, and slightly inland from Bald Hills is the suburb of Strathpine. In this area you will find many older homes and you must be careful with what you purchase here. Most of the homes are older weather board type properties but there are many bargains to be had.


Located 21 kilometres North East of Brisbane, Deagon is an area that is very well priced but close to some areas which have a much higher median house price. Its simple formula to follow but proven time and time again, when the more expensive suburbs reach the top of the price cycle, surrounding suburbs will then start to increase in value.

Ferny Hills

Ferny Hills is just 13 kilometres North West of Brisbane and has an over supply of infrastructure. There are many easily accessible trains stations, 3 major shopping centres and around 10 schools. This is an excellent location to invest but you must be careful with the type of property you purchase here. Most homes are 30 plus years old so my preference is for brick and tile.


Durack is 12 kilometers South of the Brisbane CDB. In my work this area takes in Darra and Dolendella as well and this is an area where you can find big properties at a very good price. Land is now in shortage this close to the city and new estates are being divided up into 300 m2 lots. In Durack, I just purchased a property on 12o0 m2 of land for $500K with dual living and a sub dividable block.

Edens Landing

This is a specialised suburb but I have listed it because of the potential. Located 30 kilometres South of Brisbane but only 42 Kilometres North of the Gold Coast and that is the key to this suburb. Cheap properties on land over 800 m2 can be purchased here for around $350K with a strong return. You must be vary careful what you buy here and the tenants you get. So skills like mine and a good property manager are required.

Albany Creek

Albany Creek can only be described as a very nice family area and whilst it does have a high median house price, it is one of the those suburbs where occasionally you can find a bargain and thats why it is here. It also doesn't have the greatest public transport system due to lack of rail. What it does have though is a very high percentage of wealthy families and any investment property located here has a low vacancy rate and a high return on investment.


South East of the Brisbane CBD is Capalaba. This area is prolific in cheap housing and represents very good value for money in both property prices and returns. There are many brick and tile homes in this suburb on large bits of land that are very affordable and provide a solid return. Infrastructure is strong as well as the close proximity to Moreton Bay.

South East Queensland Property COLD Spots

These are areas in the South East Queensland region you should NOT invest in and why!


Pimpama & Ormeau, oversupply. So much vacant land was bought up by the developers it has to be sold. Income the investment property wealth creators who are offered some very nice incentives to sell the stock and your told this place is going to boom. To market anything based on projections for a short term event like the commonwealth games is just wrong.

Vacancy Rate

the biggest indicator

  • 294 properties for rent right now
  • over 500 if you take in surrounding areas.


There is nothing in this region to drive such a massive population growth that will drive the investment property market. Not now, not ever. Again cheap land purchased by developers and sold by spruikers. The gas has been and gone and they really don't need much in the way of support services, the airport does not require a massive work force and farmers like to employ back packers.

Vacancy Rate

the biggest indicator

  • 294 properties for rent right now
  • over 500 if you take in surrounding areas.


The sprawl continues, Ipswich has always been a favourite place for developers to buy cheap land and create estates and that is where the problem lies. The continual release of new cheap house and land packages will continue to hold back the growth in property value in this region for years to come. Over supply and many options and affordability make this a popular location.

Over Supply

the sprawl continues

  • Too many new estates and land coming on line
  • Lower socioeconomic area