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About Investate

About Us Investate is a business that provides buyer agent services to the Australian public specialising in Brisbane and the South East Queensland property market.

Our 15 years of experience in the Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast property market means we know which areas are good to invest in and which areas to avoid. Our predictions have been very accurate and many owners have profited from patterning up with Investate.

We also specialise if finding properties and land that can be developed and have a joint venture business where you buy the land and we pay for the development. This is a lower cost entry system into the world of property development where you can make a great deal of money.

Taking advantage of this service means you can reduce your risk and exposure to one property and take advantage of our in-house skills to maximise the returns you would otherwise not achieve.

We have offices both in Queensland and Western Australia. Our company profile will tell you about us, our staff and our way of doing business. Feel free to look through and contact us if you need more information.