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8 Point Property Selection Criteria

8 Point Property Selection Criteria refers to the system Investate utilises when researching a property suitable for investment. The system was developed to ensure that any properties recommended by Investate to our clients performed as we expected. For this reason many of our clients have experienced significant capital growth in the first 12 months of ownership.

Our ultimate aim is to offer guidance, support and assistance to clients seeking an investment in residential property and, through structured research  based analysis, to help improve the results achieved from an investment in residential property.

In order for Investate to be satisfied  that a particular property represents a viable investment opportnnity for a client, the particular  property needs to first meet 8 Residential Property Selection Criteria. These8 Point Property Selection Criteria can be summarised as follows: (click on each item to read it's full explanation)

  1. Sustained Capital Growth Rate
  2. High Population Growth
  3. Low Residential Vacancy
  4. Established and Planned Infrastructure
  5. Median Property Price +15%
  6. Solid Rental  Yield
  7. Tax  Effectiveness
  8. Your Touch

It is not only important to understand the reasons why Investate has selected these 8 Point Property Selection Criteria, but it is also important to notice the order in which these 8 criteria have been placed.

Priority has been given to the economics of the AREA first and then to the specific PROPERTY criteria second.

The reason for this can easily be explained by referring to the old real estate adage that suggests one should  buy 'the worst house in the best street',' thus indicating that it is not the physical house that increases in value, but rather, it is the land in the area that achieves and experiences  capital growth.

We can help you find you the best property for the best price in the best location

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